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After the South was defeated by the North in the Civil War, the Southern States were left in much debt. “It was true that the public debt of South Carolina, $7 million in 1865, went up to $29 million in 1873” (Zinn 200). This is a good example of showing just one of the Southern States falling into a $22 million debt, 8 years after the Civil War had ended. As the Southern States fell into more and more public debt, the less amount of jobs were being offered and not as good of a pay were offered to workers; this led a lot of whites to live on the streets. I would have to say that in the reconstruction period, things turned out better for the blacks. In 1869, 2 Southern African-American’s were elected into the U.S. Senate, while 20 more became Congressmen. 3 years after South Carolina reached a peak of $22 million, in 1876, Legislature opened free public schools; these were the first free schools opened into the state. This allowed more than 70,000 black children to attend schools
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