illegal immigration

illegal immigration - In 1965 the Government passed a new...

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Yacoub 1 Peter Yacoub Professor Stevenson English 1B 19 September 2005 Immigration Laws Every year the United States is given a number of immigrants allowed into the country per year. The first law to limit immigration was in 1917, which was a literacy test. Three years later more immigration laws were passed; “By 1920, Congress had passed about a dozen major immigration laws that restricted certain kinds of individuals from immigrating to the United States, such as criminals, persons with chronic diseases, and persons with unacceptable moral or political beliefs” (Kanellos 232). Immigrating to the United States was very easy to come into for hundreds of years. For more examples, Immigrants from Mexico increased from 5.9% to 13.3% in ten years due to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. The Immigration and Nationality Act for Hispanics was maid mainly because farmers and manufacturers in the southwestern states had become dependent on cheap, plentiful labor from Mexico.
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Unformatted text preview: In 1965 the Government passed a new law that family reunification such as spouses, parents, and children of U.S. citizens were given visas to go in and out of the Yacoub 2 United States. Right after in 1965, it was realized that too many immigrants were coming in so they set a cap and allowed only 290,000 visas a year. The Immigration Act of 1990 set a cap of only 700,000 immigrants to be legalized. Now there are many different laws regarding to legalizing immigration and it is very hard to become one, especially coming from Mexico to California. A way to fix the extremely high rate of illegal immigration from Mexico to California would probably be to set a higher immigration cap for California to allow more Hispanics in than Europeans, Asians, etc. Yacoub 3 Works Cited Kanellos, Nicolas. “The Development of U.S. Immigration Law” The Hispanic-American Almanac . 1993...
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illegal immigration - In 1965 the Government passed a new...

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