Essay- Dell - Dell- Customer Service With Dell's already...

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Dell- Customer Service With Dell’s already infamous reputation revolving around its defective parts and glitches, their inability to provide customer service causes them to be scrutinized greatly in the technological realm. A rapid increase of awareness towards Dell’s bad customer service started in late June of 2005. A man by the name of Jeff Jarvis, a mainstream journalist, discussed his personal issues with Dell’s customer service (Bulik par. 2). Jarvis is a very well known journalist; he is mainly recognized from his website, BuzzMachine , where he writes blogs on his opinion of different “hot topics.” On June 21, 2005, Jarvis started his first blog about Dell’s poor customer service. It started out as a simple complaint about Jeff Jarvis receiving a defective laptop and him having to charge a dell technician to come and fix it (Jarvis, 21 June 2005). Jarvis would write a new post every day about the progress that has been going on with a simple problem. By the time all the trial and tribulations were over, a month had gone by and Jarvis’ experiences about “Dell Hell” was exposed to all of America. Jarvis opened the eyes of all other Dell consumers whom had bad experiences dealing with customer service issues as well. There became websites dedicated to Dell’s poor quality of services
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Essay- Dell - Dell- Customer Service With Dell's already...

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