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Dell PowerPoint

Dell PowerPoint - buzzmachine 5 On this slide talk about...

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Dell PowerPoint- Customer Service 1 – 2. Make a couple slides talking about the main problems that Dell has with their customer service issues. (Ex: taking their customer service hotline # off of their website, shipments not coming on time, and customer service representatives not calling back their customers). 3 – 4 On a couple slides you can talk about Jeff Jarvis’ personal experiences with Dell and how he is a journalist who posted blogs on his own website,
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Unformatted text preview: buzzmachine. 5. On this slide talk about how Jarvis’ posts started what was called “Dell Hell,” and how it encouraged other people to speak out against their own personal experiences as well and how it dropped dells customer service rating 6.3% 6. For the last slide(s) talk about the solution of how Dell can fix their customer service problems....
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