Quiz #3 - t Art History SEA—Fall 2004 Name_F Quiz#3...

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Unformatted text preview: t/ Art History SEA—Fall 2004 Name: _F__ _ Quiz #3 Section: _ WW Karma club came under heavy criticism by the Indian communities for the reprr :sentation and misuse of Indian religious and cultural symbols. One of the owners, who considers himse f a devout Hindu rejects these accusations and claims instead that these images were used for purposes of edt cation of non-Hindus. Further the owner contends that as a religion Hinduism shOuld place more emphasis on ideals and beliefs instead of idols chosen to represent them. Take a position on the issue of a re riating d :votional images sing them outside of their context. Su . rt our osition from the io discussion. MIMI I m flavw‘w ‘ A W MfiflflxdeXt/A flaw/m %M 14% *9 fiat/2'23 m m: Mm 4,1 ,WW/Mflzg [ma M W ngg/‘m [ ,W/Ubb/Z/gg MW We twang 4741 4mm MWZ {6657251/7/ WawflWW /W W 4/ I’m/MM 9/? M” ' .— My awe/gr W72 WEMMP—n l MOW -" ' ” Name: Art History 56A: Art of India and Southeast Asia _ Section:_ Quiz #4 — Fall 2004 ,A Please circle the correct answer. 1. The Bamiyan Buddhas were part of a Buddhist center in present-day fghanistan 2. Buddhism was first introduced into this area around a) India 0) Thailand a) 1933 b) 10“1 century AD @3’“ century BC 3. The Buddhas were destroyed in March, 2001, by ruling V militia. @aliban b) Tamil 0) IRA 4. The destruction of religious icons is called a) idolatry iconoclasm c) iconic -based institutions. /Art museums are inherently Q ‘®W re a) objec b) theory 6. Islam is a(n) faith. a) atheistic b) polytheistic @Dnonotheistic 7. Which of the following was not a Mughal ruler? a) J ahanglr b) Akbar @Uzair 8 The Taj Mahal is a a) motel ' * ®mausoleum 0) residential pala:e 9. An artistic innovation of the Mughal period was the introduction of b) still life 0) house liar) portrait 10. European influence on Mughal painting resulted in increased a) investment b) tension (6) aturalism painting. ...
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/04/2008 for the course ART HIS 56A taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '04 term at UCLA.

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Quiz #3 - t Art History SEA—Fall 2004 Name_F Quiz#3...

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