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Final Exam You have 6 main question/themes/questions to review Stakeholder theory—just the basics (we’ll use some of them tonight o there is not a simple two-way relationship of responsibility between principal (business owner/shareholders) and agent (corporate executives/managers) o Stakeholder theory core idea: responsibility is seen as belonging to a complicated network of responsibilities Product safety and liability o Brenkert’s framework for assessing liability: Harms and costs, contributions, forseeability, effective alternatives Harms and costs —in brief, it needs to be shown that the product under consideration has caused serious harm and has led to significant costs for individuals and society (that is what the obesity statistics and the link with fast food is supposed to be demonstrating) Contribution —in brief, it needs to be shown that advertising and production is done by a given corporation in an unscrupulous matter, that is, in a way that encourages consumer to issue the product in a way that leads to harm (that is what all of the discussion about marketing to kids and the food content [high sugar, fat, etc.] is intended to demonstrate) Forseeability —in a nutshell, this criterion speaks to the fact that a given corporation could , in principle, foresee that their products are going to harm people; blaming people for the “free choices” to use/consume a product doesn’t get the corporation off the hook, especially if they know in advance that lots of people tend to abuse it (this is what the stuff on “heavy users” is about, along with McDonald’s being upset about the French recommendation to limit intake) Effective Alternatives —in short, the corporations is thought to be responsible if it can foresee harms and does nothing to alter its products to prevent them; it could change the product to make it safer, offer alternatives, or not make it at all (this is what the discussion of healthy alternatives is about in the film) o The main CSR objection to product safety law (Bush’s economic advisers article)—just a nutshell account High tort (private party lawsuits) penalties are equivalent to increased taxes Increased taxes lead to the production of economic losses in the form of less services and products provided by corporations
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Less services and products leads to higher prices for consumers , lower wages for workers , and lower stock prices/profits for investors Advertising ethics (arguments against) o The argument against deceptive advertising (McCall) Respecting a person’s autonomy is a basic ethical principle
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Study Guide - Final Exam You have 6 main...

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