Wal-Mart - Read handout articles on Wal-Mart o Start...

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Read handout articles on Wal-Mart o Start building your own case on whether you think Wal-Mart is a good, ethical business model and/or a good economic model o We will watch clips from both pro- and con- Wal-Mart films and discuss the issue in more detail; do additional research on your own using the many, many on-line sources available o As you build your cas, use the info we have discussed so far (market models, ethical theories, debates over liability, advertising, sweatshops, affirmative action, labor standards, stockholders and stakeholders, etc.) o Pay particular attention to Wal-Mart as: employer, community member, and its role in the global economy Wal-Mart The Wal-Mart Phenomenon o Our task tonight is to lay out the case in favor of and against Wal-Mart, with an eye toward both economic arguments and social justice arguments o Once we lay out our collective case, I will formalize the case for you using our readings, then we will watch a film that examines Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Pros: o Increases competition o Brings lots of jobs o buy more for less o stakeholders o workers with disabilities o consumer variety o innovative sales approach Wal-Mart Cons: o Wages Low/unpaid workers o Lock employees in o Untrained employees o Environmental impact Water and soil o Hard to get benefits o Hard for minorities to be promoted
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Wal-Mart - Read handout articles on Wal-Mart o Start...

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