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Week 6 - we did in the Civil War I would think of their...

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Many people may think that almost all black people were against World War II. Although there were many against it, the truth is that the majority of African Americans were for the war. A lot of African Americans thought if they were to fight in World War II, things would turn out for the better, in terms of racism towards them. The “smart” blacks were the ones that knew that nothing would change. Just like in the Civil War, the blacks may have been treated somewhat more equal while the war was going on, but right when the Civil War was over, blacks were treated as if they had done nothing for this country. I agree with the African Americans who were against the war. If blacks were not being rewarded, or at least respected in some sort for being in Iraq right now, that is quite malicious; If I saw a different country treating different races in their country like how
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Unformatted text preview: we did in the Civil War, I would think of their country as very degrading. My favorite quote in this chapter comes from an African American student talking to his teacher; he says, “The Army Jim-crows us. The Navy lets us serve only as messmen. The Red Cross refuses our blood. Employers and labor unions shut us out. Lynchings continue. We are disenfranchised, Jim-crowed, spat upon. What more could Hitler do than that?” (Zinn 307). Keep in mind, he is saying this after blacks have fought in wars. What good will it be for blacks to fight in WWII? Baylard Rustin was an activist against blacks fighting in the war, he believed that blacks should not fight for a country who does not accept them. He chose jail instead of fighting for his country....
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