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New-Hist.110-A.SEGMENT-2 - `SEGMENT 2 Ancient Medieval...

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`SEGMENT 2 `SEGMENT 2 Ancient & Medieval World History CIVILIZATION IN INDIA (to A.D. 200) Pre-Vedic India: 2500-1500 B.C./ Indus River/ Mohenjo-daro Harappa Civilization/ Cultural Stability/ Peaceful/ Nature Worshipping/ Aryan Arrival Completed: 1500 B.C./ Development of Vedic India: 1500-500 B.C./ Early Hinduism: Oldest & Most Complex/ Dyaus (Zeus) and Pitra (Jupiter)/ Brahmanism: Elaborate Sacrifices & Caste System/ Upanishads (800-300 B.C.): Intellectual Reaction to Sacrifices/Spiritual Flowering/ brahman: Universal Reality (objective world)/ atman: Soul of the Self/ samsara: Rebirth/ karma: Deeds/ dharma: Duties/ moksha: Liberation/ Late Hinduism: 600 B.C. -300 AD)/ Bhagavata: Devotional Approach/ the Bhagavad Gita (Krishna & Arjuna)/ Jainism (Mahavira): Opposition to Intellectualism & Ritualism/ ahimsa: Non-injury/ Buddhism (Guatama): the Middle Way (No Indulgence or Asceticism)/ anatman: Nonsoulness/ nirvana: Liberation (Harmony of Body, Mind, & spirit)/ The Four Noble Truths/ the Eightfold Path: (Right) Views, Intentions, Speech, Action, Livelihood, Effort, Mindfulness, Concentration/ Theravada (“Exclusive Way”) versus Mahayana (“Expansive Way”) Buddhism/ Ashoka (~ 250 B.C.): Spread of Buddhism/ Gupta Era (-320-540 A.D.): Revival of Hinduism in India/ CIVILIZATION IN CHINA (to A.D. 200) Yellow and Yangtze Rivers/ Overall Political & Cultural Stability/ Shang Dynasty: (-1500-1000 B.C.)/ Capital Anyang & Zhengzhou/ Beginning of Chinese Writing/ Neolithic Tools/ Silk/ Nature & Ancestor Worship/ The "Mandate of Heaven": Ideological Justification to Rule/ Zhou Dynasty (-1000-221 B.C.) Capital Louyang/ Adoption of Shang Culture/ Cities/ Use of Iron as a Tool in Agriculture/ Challenge of Vast Territory/ Creation of Small Feudal States/ One Supreme God/ Era of Warring States (420-221 BC): Last 200 years o Zhou Dynasty/ Disintegration of Chinese Political Organization and Three Solutions: 1
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Confucianism, Daoism, & Legalism Birth of Chinese Philosophy/ Syncretistic Nature/ Balance of Yin & Yang/ Filial Piety/
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