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Week 2 - After the Revolution was over and America declared...

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After the Revolution was over and America declared their independence, it was still the beginning for Native Americans, women, and blacks. During the war, the Native Americans became allies with Britain, fighting against the European settlers on their own land. After the war was over and America gained its independence, American Indians were left alone and had to face the Americans without support. It seems to me that Americans at the time could do whatever they wanted to do. For example, white males would end up settling on the land of a native and if the native did not leave they would get killed. Native Americans ended up getting pushed out towards the west. When Americans started expanding westward it became a very big dilemma for Native Americans; it was an ongoing problem for the natives. Now, it is said that “all men are created equal”; this was not the case for African Americans. Even though the blacks participated in the war they still were not considered as equal men. As time went on, the economy improved and some parts of the country no
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