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New-Hist.110-A.SEGMENT-3 - SEGMENT 3 Ancient&Medieval World...

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SEGMENT 3 SEGMENT 3 Ancient &Medieval World History THE EARLY MIDDLE AGES (in Western Europe) (476-1000) Germanic Migrations: Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Anglo-Saxons, and Franks/ 476: Last Roman Emperor in West Deposed by German (Visigoths) Odovacer/ Decline of Cities & Trade/ Role of the Church/ Monastic Movement/ Division of Christendom: Greek: Orthodox Church (In East-Byzantine Empire)/ Latin: Roman Catholic Church (in West)/ Kingdom of the Franks: Merovingians: Clovis (d.51 1)/ Centralization Attempt/ Office of Counts/ Carolingians: Pepin II/ Martel/ Coronation of Charlemagne (800)/ Division of the Frankish Kingdom after Charlemagne: Treaty of Verdun (division of the kingdom) : Lothair, Louis , Charles / Renewed Attacks: Vikings, Magyars, & Muslims/ Collapse of Centralized Government/ Rise of Manorialism & Feudalism : lords, serfs , vassals , and fief / ISLAM & THE ISLAMIC WORLD Prophet Muhammad (d.632)/ City of Mecca/ Life of the Prophet/ Ka'ba/ Marriage with Khadija/ Islamic Scripture: Quran / Important Journey to the City of Medina: Hijra: 622 A.D. Reasons for Success & Rapid Expansion/ Situation in Persian and Byzantine Empire/ Basic Beliefs/ Lack of Rigid Institution & Clergy/ ulama / Appeal of Islam / umma / Main Division in Islam: Shi'is versus Sunnis/ Imam Ali/ Umayyad Caliphate (to 750)/ Abbasid Caliphates (to 950)/ Islamic Culture, Science & Philosophy/ Contribution to Western Civilization: Math, Science, and Philosophy: Al-Razi, Ibn-Sina (Avecenna) & Averroes/ THE HIGH MIDDLE AGES (1000-1300) Unification of Germany/ Henry I (First Non-Frankish King of Germany)/ Otto I/ 1
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Cluny Reform Movement/ Investiture Struggle/ Pope Gregory VII versus Henry IV/ The Crusades (1099-1204)/ Pope Urban II versus Alexius Comnenus/ England: William (the Conqueror)/ Invasion of England ( Hastings - 1066)/ Decimation of Anglo-Saxon Nobility/ Anglo-Saxon customs of Parleying / King John and Magna Carta/
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