research book- illegal immigration

research book- illegal immigration - Also, courts have came...

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Yacoub 1 Peter Yacoub Professor Stevenson English 1B 19 September 2005 Background of Illegal Immigration Illegal Immigration in the United States has been going on for quite some time now, since the early 1900’s. What defines one as an illegal immigrant is a foreigner who enters or resides in a country unlawfully or without proper documentation. “More than a million illegal or undocumented aliens are apprehended annually by the Immigration and Naturalization Service and other U.S. agencies; the seriousness of the problem of illegal immigration is a matter of considerable debate” (Simmons 276). It is estimated that about a third of immigrants entering the country without proper authorization are apprehended. Which is one million illegal immigrants a year, so it is estimated that about three million or more people are able to enter the country illegally each year. And it is also stated that about one third of the illegal immigrants that are deported have been deported already.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, courts have came to a conclusion that although an illegal immigrant doesnt have any rights, for example: the right to vote, obtain unemployment compensation, food Yacoub 2 stamps, etc; illegal immigrants will always have the right to obtain primary education and health care and they cant be denied it just because of their status. This helps the issue to get a background about illegal immigrants and how big of an issue this is. It shows how an estimated 1-3 million immigrants can enter the United States illegally and that two-thirds of them are never caught. This might show that instead of trying to search for illegal immigrants, we should either increase the border security or to make laws easier for illegals to become legal immigrants. Yacoub 3 Works Cited Simmons Jr., Donald. Illegal Aliens Ready Reference American Justice . Vol. 2. 1996...
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research book- illegal immigration - Also, courts have came...

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