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War is not justifiable unless a country is putting itself in greater harm if it did not go to war. For example, IF Iraq really had nuclear weapons, it would then be justifiable to go to war with them. Another example is that Iran is supplying Iraq with weapons while we are at war; Iran is helping increase the threat onto our country and that is a justifiable reason to go to war with them. With respect to all deciding factors of the Mexican War, two major motives America went to war was for expansion and gold. If this were to happen today I would say right away that this would not be a justifiable reason to go to war. “Yes the United States should expand, but not by war” (Zinn 157). Being that this happened 160 years ago, things were different back then. In 1846, America was still expanding; going to war with Mexico was no different than fighting the Native Americans off their land to expand. The only difference I see
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Unformatted text preview: between expanding on Mexican territory and Native territory is that Mexico had an army big enough to start a war, whereas the Natives were in small groups, scattered all throughout the country. So the point I am trying to get at is that when America was expanding from the east to the west, they fought the Natives off there land, which was somewhat justifiable at the time. So when they expanded into Mexican territory, they were basically just trying to fight off a different group of people but for the same reason, expansion. Again, do I believe that a war of that purpose would be justifiable in this day and age? No. Do I believe that it is justifiable being the circumstances 160 years ago? Yes. And besides, we won California…what a fine piece of land....
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