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Midterm First Part: 2-3 sentences Midterm Question - Give me the central principle of utilitarianism and give an example of how it functions. Also know rights based ethical theory Prepare for midterm exam: 1 st class: What philosophical ethicist mean by egoism, cultural relativism, and divine command theory and some of their better (in your judgement) reasons for rejecting those challenges to ethics-as-usual (that is, the game of ethics as practiced by professional philosophers 2 nd class: Your editors’ analysis of cultural relativism and some of their better/more compelling reasons for rejecting it o Analysis Different cultures have radically different moral codes There is no objective way to decide which set of codes is true Therefore, morality is simply a matter of opinion o Argument Against Cultural Relativism: There is widespread agreement on general principles ; disagreements arise more on how to apply those principles Cultural relativists hold ethical argumentation to an inappropriate standard of proof (a scientific/mathematical model of truth) Cultural relavists make all critique relative and render all moral differences simply matters of opinion Friedman’s thesis on corporate social responsibility (which defends the classical model ) and his two main arguments ( principled and consequentialist ) against corporate executives exercising independent discretion in using stockholder profits for social improvement o Thesis: The sole responsibility of executives/managers is to run the business according to the desires of the owners of the business
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Study Guide - Midterm First Part: 2-3 sentences Midterm...

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