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SEGMENT 1 SEGMENT 1 INTRODUCTION What Is History?/ Why Do We Study History/ Approach to History in This Class/ Paleolithic Age Neolithic Age Bronze Age: -3,500 B.C./ Birth of Cities (Civilization) in Mesopotamia/ Writing/ Iron Age: 1,500 B.C./ Better Weapons/ Birth of Empires/ MESOPOTAMIAN CIVILIZATION Rivers Tigris and Euphrates/ Sumerians: 3500 B.C./ City-states: Ur, Uruk/ Akkadian Invasion: 2370 B.C./ Old Babylonians (Amorites): 1900 B.C./ Law Code of Hammurabi/ Hittites Invasion: 1600 B.C./ Use of Iron Weapons/ Characteristics of Mesopotamian Civilization/ Effect of Envirom-nent on Culture/ Art and Literature/ Cuneiform Writing System/ Epic of Gilgamesh/ EGYPTIANS CIVILIZATION The Nile River/ Effect of Environment on Culture/ Continuity and Optimism/ Mummies/ Pyramids/ Pharaohsl Hieroglyph Writing System/ Papyrus/ Old Kingdom: 2700 B.C./ God Re/ Maatl Pyramids at Giza/Sneferu/ Middle Kingdom: 2000 B.C./ God Amon/ New Kingdom: 1600 B.C./ Militaristic Powerful/ Thutmose III/ Monotheism of pharaoh Amenhotep (Akhen-Aton)(1367-1350)/ God Aton/ Post-Empire Period (1000-30 B.C.)/ The "Sea People"/ ANCIENT MIDDLE EASTERN EMPIRES (after 1000 B.C.) Assyrian Empire/ Militaristic Virtues/ Destruction of Israel in 722 B.C./ Neo-Babylon(Chaldean)/ Destruction of Judah in 586 B.C./ OTHER MIDDLE EASTER PEOPLE 1
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Canaanites: Occupied Palestine Before Israelites/ Polytheistic Religion/ Phoenicians: Seafarers & Traders/ Writing with Alphabetic Script/ Colonies in Mediterranean Sea/ Carthage/ Transmission of Culture to West/ Israelites: Noah (-10,000 B.C.)/ Abraham (-2,000 B.C.)/ Moses (-1,250 B.C.)/ King David & King Solomon (-1,000 B.C.)/ Unique Contribution to Western Religious/ Ethical Monotheism/
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New-Hist.110-A.SEGMENT-1 - SEGMENT 1 Ancient & Medieval...

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