ESSAY 1 and 7 - McGinnis 1 Brian McGinnis Mary Ann Di...

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McGinnis 1 Brian McGinnis Mary Ann Di Edwardo English 2 February 11 th 2007 Essay 7(EDITED ESSAY 1) For three months a year, I am an emigrant. The two hour trek to the beach every summer is my emigration. Not purely a change in location but a change in mindset and attitude. The days of intensity and focus have long since passed and are replaced by sun splashed beach afternoons. Unlike Rodriguez’s emigration story this is an immediate positive change in lifestyle; yet there are alterations that must be made in order to thrive in a new location. Rodriguez discusses the changes that are made to his language in his quest to become “Americanized”. I too change my language as all formal titles are replaced with words that describe attitudes which correlate with a “beach bum”. The summer is a time of relaxation and enjoyment filled with long lazy days and an indulgence of self. Hardships are eliminated, replaced with tan bodies and nights spent looking at the stars. Summer brings not only an emigration of location but a migration of the mind to the joys in life; however the emigration back is a shock. My mind explores the emigration early June when we load the car of our most essential possessions. Questions not thought of a month earlier suddenly fill our minds, “did you pack enough bathing suits?”. I always drive down with my mother and our black lab, Jake. We wonder what will be different about this summer, had a new restaurant opened, and are new neighbors moving in, thoughts float through our minds like the warm ocean breeze. Two hours later, with great ceremony, we arrive at the same house I have spent my summer for the last eiight years. The ritual family walk on the beach is only minutes away; Jake’s wagging tail a not
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ESSAY 1 and 7 - McGinnis 1 Brian McGinnis Mary Ann Di...

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