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Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy - as life itself is a perpetual trochoid Men...

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Rebirth Dennis the Menace In the blazing year of 1599, Says the Ancient guardian of the Virgin Shrine, “I, Galileo, on this night full of Thor’s fury, walk the righteous path, as the mighty Illuminati hath witnessed the rebirth of Helen of Troy.” There I stood in the aura of thy beauty, Trembling with fear and boisterous joy. Through that sacred veil drawn over thy destiny, Nicodemus the Wise would see such light, cycloid. God is dead, and Science abides his place. In this era of Goddess, we may inevitably face The wrath of the condemned Vatican church, For thy advent brings the sound of the destined avalanche. I wandered lonely on this cyclical journey,
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Unformatted text preview: as life itself is a perpetual trochoid. Men died vainly wondering why, Aimlessly meandering where no light shines. Why, men, on this winding trail we bestride, Just for a peek at the end of the line. A straight course the sojourn runs, And life goes on and on. For the Temple of Truth we laid down our lives, Swords in hand, we shall shake the earthly ground. Cycloid, cycloid, Thou reincarnate Helen of Troy. Like insentient moths drawn to fire, I, Son of Science, meekly desire Truth to be returned to the beguiled earth, As the trumpet has sounded for thy thunderous birth!...
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