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New Guinea Video - New Guinea Video"First Contact Andrew...

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New Guinea Video “First Contact” Andrew Strathern is the anthropologist put this video together. In the video, the piles of money should be explained as, “Each big pig represents $250.” Wahgi Video Leahy Brothers (Businessmen turned anthropologists by chance) Masta Mick, Dan, and James Go to search for gold and end up discovering all of these people Hagen People discovered on Mt. Hagen Imbonggh are one of the groups of people, which make up the Hagen people Leahy began using airplanes to survey land before venturing in on foot Wahgi valley is where the Leahys found gold, which also holds a quarter of a million people unknown to the outside world These people (The Hagen) approach the Leahy brothers with sugar cane in an attempt to show they were friendly. This demonstration of sugar cane proves that this culture is not necessarily as isolated as the narrator would like you to believe. Leahy’s try to explain that they didn’t want to steal their ground but wanted to build an airstrip so that they could land their airplane The Hagen believe that the plane is going to bring good things from the clouds The Hagen though became very terrified when the plane finally approached The Hagen were amazed when a man (the pilot) emerged from the plane The Leahys brought a gramophone (windup record player) with them and played it for The Hagen The Hagen find some of the simple things such as tin lids and Kellog’s whole wheat boxes as amazing, and make headdresses out of them because they think they are able to see the spirits in them (the tin lids that is)
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There was a big tribal war when The Leahy’s arrived and The Hagen push back the rightful owners of the land so The Leahy’’s can prospect for gold Mick puts one of The Hagen men in the plane and takes him for a ride in it. They land somewhere else down in an inhabited land with houses and he is amazed and terrified. The Hagen man brings many things back from the “civilized world” below to his people after being there for about 4 or 5 days. After he returns and tells stories of the place below, everyone wants to go in the plane to see it. The Leahy’s basically enslaved The Hagen to work for them in exchange for shells. The Hagen knew nothing of money. The Leahy’s pay families in shells to sleep with some of the women basically like prostitution. One of the women becomes pregnant and gives birth to a mixed race child and raises him on her own, in her own village. The Leahy’s don’t see what they are doing as wrong but they were making a very good living. They admit that they weren’t up there for the good of the land or the people. The Leahy’s video recording of their discovery and influence upon The Hagen people is an incredible document, especially in light of how The Hagen live today. The Hagen culture changes and the people view things from The Leahy culture as important and want to wear things from this culture as a status symbol and use it predominantly today. One of the Leahy brother’s son’s becomes a coffee plantation
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New Guinea Video - New Guinea Video"First Contact Andrew...

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