Party difference - Name: Dennis Zuo Hour: 3rd Date: October...

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Name: Dennis Zuo Hour: 3 rd Date: October 4, 2006 Parties, Platforms and Political Ideologies 1. Skim through the issues and (if needed) the platforms listed on the Democratic and Republican party websites. Summarize 2 issues on which the parties appear to have substantial agreement. Fighting terrorism After 9/11, both parties immediately reached an agreement upon the war in Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban regime and therefore ensure the security of American people Protecting our environment Both parties advocate using clean fuel or recyclable energy in order to reduce air pollution in America. 2. Continue skimming, and very briefly summarize 5 issues they appear to disagree about. Homeland security Security or Liberty? Democrats feel anxious about the Patriot Act, for the enforcement of wire tapping on the innocent public might violates civil liberty of American people. Immigration Reform In order to improve the US economic condition and protect the welfare of workers (even the illegal ones), President Bush advocates a series of policies regarding immigration reform. War in Iraq Rather than a war on terror, many concerned Democrats consider the war in Iraq as an unjust war by choice, since Bush ministration couldn’t show
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Party difference - Name: Dennis Zuo Hour: 3rd Date: October...

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