CH - Cancer Mythology

CH - Cancer Mythology - The Mythology of Cancer The...

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The Mythology of Cancer The constellation of cancer gets its name from the image identified by ancient astronomers as resembling a crab and is the second sign of the zodiac. The direct translation from Latin of cancer is “crab.” The crab referred to is from the ancient mythology of the labours of Heracles. As the story goes, there lived an almighty God, Zeus, who was married to the beautiful Goddess Hera, whom was a mortal. Zeus, decided to have an affair with a woman named Alcmene, who was the Queen of Tiryns, and subsequently a child was born of this encounter. The child was named Heracles, though is also referred to as Hercules in the Roman culture. The birth of this child from the affair greatly upset the Goddess Hera, and she decided that Hercules must be killed and tried a great number of times to do so, beginning while he was still an infant. Being constantly attacked by creatures sent by Hera, Heracles was driven mad to the point that he killed his own children in a fit of rage. To atone for
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CH - Cancer Mythology - The Mythology of Cancer The...

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