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soc 1_24 - reality we are accepting a bargain •...

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Sociology 1/24/08- Dalton Conley August Compte- invented “sociology”- French philosopher o Positivism - everything that is to be known can only be known by science. Anything that can’t be known by the products of science = ignorance. Sociology - science that deals with the selective aspects of human social life Epistemology - how do you know / how is knowledge possible o Relationship between concepts in your mind and the real world o Mind = receptacle that captures snapshots of the world Materialistic World vs. Idealism - first we have Influences our concepts our own concepts to Shape how we look at The world o Our concepts organize for us how we look at the world o “all knowledge is a simplification…of the abstract world” Socially constructed realities- the reality we’re looking at is the product of Humans are frequently producing new realities—we are here ‘cuz of a reproduction of a new existing reality by listening to prof. and TA’s. Not an automatic response that we engage in social
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Unformatted text preview: reality, we are accepting a bargain • Everything that’s in the human mind is an abstraction of reality Science is a socially constructed reality • Science = human social institution ‘cuz science exists in different forms in diff eras and cultures ‘sociology of science’ 1. What science actually looks like 2. Sociology = science, therefore it’s credible 3. What soc. Actually looks like • Science has institutions- all human institutions are marked by 2 features: o Culture- the realm of meanings; symbols that carry meanings o Social structure- patterns of relationships ‘cuz they are producing beliefs Culture and social structure affect ea. Other Relationship b/w what people value, believe, fear, and how they organize themselves our values affect our social structure. Help shape modern economic institutions...
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