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11/5/07 Beckett’s Dying Words Words from his last play – “I am alone without winter…” Beckett’s play - Dismantles plot - Identity is an illusion - Series of layers with nothing in the middle - Series of tapes throughout his life o Sees how much he has lost as he grows older o Time mocks us - Deliberate experience of being frustrated trying to find a meaning of life “We always find something…to give us the impression we exist.” – Samuel Beckett “Man yearns to defy time, to feel at home in the world, to rest confident of his humanity, but he comes to know his mortality, his loneliness, his machinelike rigidity. The absurd is, as Camus writes, ‘That divorce between the mind that desires and the world that disappoints.’”
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Unformatted text preview: Beckett’s Dramaturgy-Situation over plot; events don’t originate or conclude-No discernable logic of development-Characters closer to mechanical puppets-Speech, like action, is impotent-Activity becomes gratuitous-Grotesque comedy combined with bizarre tragic pathos-No external interpretive tools: form embodies content-Focus: impenetrable mystery of the human condition Martin Esslin – theater of the absurd-Looked at things unique to what was out there-Positive role for absurdism-“Modern man’s endeavor to come to terms with the world in which he lives” Ibsen Strindberg Brecht Rise of realism Playwright with school of drama Realism vs epic theater...
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