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11/2/07 Samuel Beckett Mechanical Omelette Futures Tightly Close Loosely AAAXVZZx3 Break away from habit – see these phrases, jot them down (habit), meaningless Existentialism →Theater of the Absurd Vocabulary Sisyphus Situational Structure Existentialism Absurdism - life is lived through habit - question conventional drama by exploding a point of view instead of using one - challenge scientific base - deliberately irrational - characters/plays proceed irrationally - dramaturgical conventions purposely challenged - no recognizable characters - Theater of the Absurd – tries to embody ideas that question the assumption of what plays offer us
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Unformatted text preview: People Jean-Paul Sarte - Albert Camus – the myth of Sisyphus (1930’s)-Life might not have real substance or structure-Martin Esslin – German critic-Groups together artists that are the most modern and different Traditional Absurdism__________ Plot Situation Events Stasis Meaningful Activity Gratuitous Acts Communicative Language Impotent Speech Develops Meaningfully No Development Interpretive Tools Form = Content Abott and Costelo – Who’s on first?...
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