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Jessica Bachand Individual Case Study 5 Prof. Li 12/06/07 This whole case study process has turned out unfortunate for me. I’ve actually started and ended several friendships in the short time I’ve been here, at Westconn. That’s made it difficult to really keep a subject, but I finally settled on my roommate as my subject. That may’ve seemed like an obvious choice at first, but I switched roommates half way through the semester, and my first one was never here to begin with. Anyway, my communication issues with my roommate are similar to those that I had with my first subject. They’re typical issues, I think, typical girls being catty and territorial. However, that was an issue we had to solve since we moved in together, which was where my experience with my first subject came in handy. That showed me that keeping my feelings inside was not going to solve anything. That also may’ve seemed obvious, it’s something my parents have been trying to teach me for ages. But it’s also
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