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ASSIGNMENT 3 a. Create a dynamic data page, and a link to it from your main page b. Create an interactive data page, and a link to it from your main page. c. Create an interactive insert page, and a link to it from your main page. d. Describe how you would use static and dynamic pages in your business. Explain when you would use which one and for what tasks. e. Read the article titled “Dell’s Web Business Strategy”. Explain the concepts of “event tracking” and “demand shaping” as practiced by Dell. Describe how you could use these ideas in your business. f. Read the article titled “Netflix”. Describe the supply chain of Netflix and how the DVDs are flowing from customers to Netflix warehouse, and then again to customers. How did they manage to minimize delays in the warehouse? Can you reengineer the supply chain for more efficient delivery? Describe the difficulties and possible problems. Explain if these ideas are relevant to your business and how. BONUS QUESTIONS: g. Create an interactive update page and a link to it from your main page. h. Who is on your supply chain backwards and forwards? Whose databases do you need to link to? What information needs to flow from and to those databases? i. Play the simulated beer game for supply chain management at http://www.forio.com/nearbeer.htm and report on your experience on your web page. How many weeks did you take to stabilize your inventory? Why are the real supply chains more complex? How you can use technology to support the real supply chains? j. How can supply chains be converted to virtual corporations? Explain with examples from k. Create a survey form to collect data from your customers about their preferences for your products by using the database insert instructions above in part c. Design your database that receives the form results so that the answer to each question is a column, and each user is a row. Enter some data by using the form. Plot the answers to one question by using graphics features of ACCESS. Copy your graph to your web site. INSTRUCTIONS: This example creates a dynamic data page flightd , an interactive data page flighti in your folder, and creates links to them from the main page a3.htm. It uses the database flightdb created in assignment 2, containing a table named flight with attributes flightno , origin , destination , and price . It also creates a database insert page, and a database update page that allows you to edit your database from a web page. Warnings:
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a3 - ASSIGNMENT 3 a Create a dynamic data page and a link...

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