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ASSIGNMENT 1 Answer the following 7 questions. Some questions are essays, others are computer work. Each of your essays should be approximately 10-20 lines, and should simply be entered into your web page. a. Pick a business you are familiar with: real, planned, or imaginary. Create a web page describing your business for the investors and creditors of your business. Your web page should include a description of your products and services, your customers if you can identify their characteristics, and your revenue sources. It is not a customer web site, hence the artistic design is not critical, but an effort to make it beautiful and easy to navigate will help in qualifying for eventual bonus points. Save your web page as a1.htm in a folder you create on our server orman.johnson.cornell.edu. Your folder name should be your team members’ last names separated by a hyphen. Also enter your full names at the end of your web page. b. For one of your competitors, create a link to their web site, and write a brief description of their business as contrasted to yours, and what your competitive advantage might be. Include their company logo or other similar graphics in the description to give a good sense of what the competition is all about. c. Create a link to your email address in case your readers want to give you feedback. Create a link to a Messenger conference, for your readers to initiate a conference. Create a link to a discussion board inside your web site for your users to leave comments and to search your responses to frequently asked questions. Test the links you created. d. What are the advantages of electronic commerce over physical commerce? Which ones could be important in your business? Explain. e. What is document sharing and how is it different from video conferencing? Explain how you can utilize this technology in your business, and what impact would you expect on management and clerical employees? f. Are there network effects in any product in your business? What kind, and under what conditions? If yes, explain your strategy to use network effects to your advantage. Does fashion, reputation, or word of mouth affect the value of your products? Can those be considered network effects? g. Sign on to Windows Messenger with Shared View. Add a contact, possibly a classmate. Have a text, audio or video conference. Share your web page using document sharing, and get comments about your business using text or audio-video conferencing. Use the comments to improve your business model, and describe on your web page who you conferenced with and what kind of comments you received. Copy a screen shot of your document sharing to your web page. Describe the ease of use of the system, and the problems you experienced. BONUS QUESTIONS:
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a1 - ASSIGNMENT 1 Answer the following 7 questions Some...

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