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Ch03_Canadian_languages - 921 Saskatchewan French Only...

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Province Language Count Newfoundland English Only 525 Newfoundland French Only 0 Newfoundland Both 21 Newfoundland Neither 1 Prince Edward Island English Only 118 Prince Edward Island French Only 0 Prince Edward Island Both 15 Prince Edward Island Neither 0 Nova Scotia English Only 813 Nova Scotia French Only 1 Nova Scotia Both 84 Nova Scotia Neither 1 New Brunswick English Only 418 New Brunswick French Only 73 New Brunswick Both 238 New Brunswick Neither 0 Quebec English Only 359 Quebec French Only 3952 Quebec Both 2661 Quebec Neither 74 Ontario English Only 9116 Ontario French Only 47 Ontario Both 1235 Ontario Neither 245 Manitoba English Only 984 Manitoba French Only 1 Manitoba Both 103 Manitoba Neither 12 Saskatchewan English Only
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Unformatted text preview: 921 Saskatchewan French Only Saskatchewan Both 51 Saskatchewan Neither 5 Alberta English Only 2455 Alberta French Only 2 Alberta Both 179 Alberta Neither 34 BritishColumbia English Only 3342 BritishColumbia French Only 2 BritishColumbia Both 249 BritishColumbia Neither 97 Yukon Territory English Only 27 Yukon Territory French Only Yukon Territory Both 3 Yukon Territory Neither NorthwestTerritories English Only 36 NorthwestTerritories French Only NorthwestTerritories Both 3 NorthwestTerritories Neither 1 Nunavut English Only 20 Nunavut French Only Nunavut Both 1 Nunavut Neither 4...
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  • Spring '08
  • Newsom-Stewart
  • Statistics, Provinces and territories of Canada, Quebec Quebec Quebec Quebec Ontario Ontario Ontario Ontario Manitoba Manitoba Manitoba Manitoba Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Alberta Alberta Alberta Alberta, Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Nova Scotia New Brunswick New Brunswick New Brunswick New Brunswick, Yukon Territory Yukon, Territory Yukon Territory

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