CH05_Wildcard_summer_olympi - Country EGuinea CoteIvoire...

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Country Firstname Lastname Time (sec) EGuinea Eric Moussambani-Malonga 112.72 CoteIvoire Gregory Arkhurst 53.55 Iran Hamid Reza-Mobarez 54.12 Mauritius Christophe Lim-Wen-Ying 54.33 Mongolia Ganaa Galbadrakh 58.79 Lebanon Ragi Edde 59.26 Congo Marien Michel-Ngouabi 60.39 Bahrain Dawood Yosuf-Mohamed-Jassim 62.45 Uruguay Paul Alexander-Kutscher 52.22 Antilles Howard Hinds 52.52 Uzbekistan Alexander Agafonov 52.58 Iceland Rikardur Rikardsson 52.85 Trinidad George Bovell 52.9 Nigeria Gentle Offoin 52.91 Seychelles Kenny Roberts 53.4 Honduras Alejandro Castellanos 54.06 Fiji Carl Probert 51.34 Bahamas Christopher Murray 51.93 Estonia Indrek Sei 52.09 Egypt Tamer Hamed 52.14 Colombia Fernando Jacome 52.24 Singapore Jung Jun-Mark-Chay 52.24 Zimbabwe Glen Walshaw 52.53 Chile Rodrigo Olivares 53.5 Yugoslavia Nikola Kalabic 51.82 Malaysia Allen Ong 51.93 VirginIslands George Gleason 52 Czech Kvetoslav Svoboda 52.18 Kazakhstan Igor Sitnikov 52.57 Taiwan Nien-Pin Wu 52.72 Ecuador Felipe Delgado 52.78
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This note was uploaded on 05/03/2008 for the course MAT 120 taught by Professor Newsom-stewart during the Spring '08 term at Western Connecticut State University.

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CH05_Wildcard_summer_olympi - Country EGuinea CoteIvoire...

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