Hockey Fan Culture - Jessica Bachand 05/01/08 (WestConn)...

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Jessica Bachand 05/01/08 (WestConn) Hockey Fan Culture My ethnography is about hockey fan culture. In all honesty, when assigned this project, I had no idea where to start, or what I would even be interested in doing it on. But at that time, and during last semester, school hockey games were a regular event I attended. This was new for me; in high school I only attended one school hockey game, it was terribly boring and our team lost. Plus, in high school, the fans, if there were any, weren’t as supportive or entertaining as they are at college games. This new discovery, that hockey games are fun, lead me to choose my topic on fan culture, that and the fact that I found myself at nearly every home game, enjoying it quite a bit. If I remember correctly, the Colonials won only two home games all season. Their losing streak was disappointing, but it never affected the rowdiness and excitement of the crowd, at least not until it was obvious the game was a bust. This caused some questions to cross my mind: why were these fans so dedicated to a losing team? Why did they come back to every home game? I
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had a feeling that it wasn’t really school spirit. My theory: fraternity brothers, or frat boys will apparently do anything for an excuse to get drunk, and the fact that there were a few of them on the team gave them even more reason. However, it is not a theory that should have been deeply considered, because its stereotypical nature could have hindered my research, but I personally do not think it did. In regards to research, I did some standard searching on the Internet about hockey fans’ attitudes and traditions, and even how global warming is affecting hockey. Otherwise, the majority of my research was conducted through participant observation- I attended nearly every home game. I went with my friends to the Danbury Ice Rink; I sat on the cold hard bleachers in the midst of all the fans and all the frat boys and sorority girls and hockey devotees. There were usually about 50-100 WestConn students there each game, as well as students supporting the other team, and parents supporting either
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Hockey Fan Culture - Jessica Bachand 05/01/08 (WestConn)...

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