Ch25_Exercise - Men X-C skier 12 Hard Men Stair Climber 13...

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Exertion Sex Machine Type Minutes Light Men Treadmill 14 Light Men X-C skier 16 Light Men Stair Climber 20 Light Men Rowing machine 21 Light Men Exercise rider 27 Light Men Exercise bike 29 Light Women Treadmill 22 Light Women X-C skier 23 Light Women Stair Climber 37 Light Women Rowing machine 25 Light Women Exercise rider 36 Light Women Exercise bike 44 Hard Men Treadmill 12 Hard
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Unformatted text preview: Men X-C skier 12 Hard Men Stair Climber 13 Hard Men Rowing machine 14 Hard Men Exercise rider 22 Hard Men Exercise bike 16 Hard Women Treadmill 17 Hard Women X-C skier 16 Hard Women Stair Climber 18 Hard Women Rowing machine 16 Hard Women Exercise rider 24 Hard Women Exercise bike 20...
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