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Jessica Bachand 04/01/08 Report: “A Precious Liquid: Drinking Water and Culture in the Valley of Mexico” In 1993, Dr. Michael C. Ennis-McMillan ventured to Mexico, to do research on a medical anthropology topic (Ennis-McMillan 3). Prior to starting this project, he attended a summer program at the Universidad Iberoamericana, to get some ethnographic research training and to improve his Spanish before his long-term project (Ennis McMillan 3). In addition to this, Dr. Ennis-McMillan wanted to test out his research ideas; he was looking 1
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for something that would include both medical and environmental anthropology (Ennis- McMillan 3). During his summer stay, Dr. Ennis-McMillan met up with a Mexican graduate student named Pablo, and together they explored different communities, which is how they came upon the community La Purificación. Once they arrived to the center of town, they realized not only did they stumble upon a small community, but also a fiesta. And not only was it a fiesta, but one of the community’s biggest fiestas of the year- Corpus Christi (Ennis-McMillan 4)! Intrigued, Dr. Ennis-McMillan returned the following day, and that is why he decided to study fiestas. During his research, he learned about what it takes to throw a fiesta: a group of religious officers, called a mayordomía , organizes the fiesta; they are guided by a “head fiesta organizer,” (Ennis- McMillan 6) called a fiscal . Dr. Ennis-McMillan was able to meet the fiscal , Adolfo, and it was Adolfo who explained how the people of the mayordomía were elected. To Dr. Ennis-McMillan’s surprise, all of the elected officials were volunteers! This impressed him, and Adolfo explained that all heads of the family must take on this responsibility when it was their turn, and if they did not, their use of the church, and quite possibly their
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AnthroPaper - 1 Jessica Bachand 04/01/08 Report: "A...

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