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Ethnography Reference Example - knowledge actors employ in...

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Example of a reference within the Ethnography. Use a reference to explain a word or phrase used in the context of your ethnography. Remember it is important to have a reader visualize what you are presenting and understand the use of a word or phrase. Important to the framework of this ethnography are my concepts of culture and cultural scene as they apply to this paper. One can find thousands of definitions for culture, but I think the most concise and tangible is “The knowledge people use to generate and interpret social behavior. This knowledge is learned, and to a degree shared” (Spradley & McCurdy, 1972:8). This definition is also useful in describing a cultural scene: “the
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge actors employ in a social situation; the latter is the observable place, events, objects, and persons seen by an investigator” (Spradley & McCurdy, 1972:27). (Note in Bibliography) A reference can also be used to support or contradict your conclusions. For example, contrary to my findings a study by Sperrazza (2007) found college students at all levels of college education do study more than 10 hours a week. (Note reference in Bibligraphy) Or My fieldwork conclusions are supported (or if so contradicted) by a study completed by Sperrazza (2007) who also found that 4 th year students study 5 hours longer than do 1 st year students. (Note reference in Bibliography)....
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