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Unformatted text preview: Huynh 1 Cuong Huynh SOCY 1001 Creating a budget with a monthly salary of only $1349 can be difficult as one has to sacrifice his or her own wants for necessity items in order to survive in our society today. This type of salary would reflect someone without a college education. By living from paycheck to paycheck, the social stratification system would classify me as low income status (Ballantine and Roberts 2007:193). Such salary constraints would be challenging to support a child or even get out of debt and become financially independent. My child would be considered from a lower-middle class family with the income that I make. Therefore, I would not have the financial resources to purchase him or her brand new clothing and thus result to already worn garments. Based on the Symbolic Interaction theory, my child would most likely be looked down upon and even be labeled as deviant (poor) by the students who are more fortunate at school (196). I would try my best so that my son or daughter would have the vital resources to get the best education and...
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