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TA 3 Neverwhere Revised

TA 3 Neverwhere Revised - Eng 106 Textual Assessment Neil...

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Eng. 106 3/21/07 Textual Assessment: Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere I. Characters 1. Richard Mayhew: Richard Mayhew is the protagonist and unlikely hero of Gaiman’s Neverwhere . Richard goes from being a young businessman in central London to a stranger in the strange land of London Below. 2. The Lady Door: Door is a young woman from London Below who is on a quest to avenge the murders of her noble family. Door has a skill that has been passed down through her family, “locating doors, both obvious and otherwise” (90). 3. The Marquis de Carabas: The marquis is portrayed as a slightly suspicious character who is notorious in London Below and often calls in favors. Despite being a bit “dodgy”, Door trusts in the marquis because her father once told her seek him out if she was ever in trouble: “He will protect you, girl. He has to. (236). 4. Hunter: Hunter serves as Door’s bodyguard in London Below. Although she will not reveal her age in years, saying, “As old as my tongue… and a little older than my teeth”, we get the impression that Hunter has had a very long a full life (225). Hunter is pursing the Beast of London and has pledged to kill the creature or to die trying (227). 5. The Angel Islington: Islington is a real angel who lives deep in the Underground at a station accessible through an art piece in the British Museum. The angel identifies itself as the caretaker of London Below (202). II. Place 1. London Above: London Above is the city of London with which we are all familiar. Gaiman vividly describes the city and also uses familiar locations within London as inspiration for the fantasized London Below. 2. London Below: London Below is a dark and strange place below the city of London made up of pieces of the modern city that have been forgotten and the people who have slipped through the cracks, it is a bit like a parallel universe.
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