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Mike Finfer Writing 140: Section 64450 Jennifer Malia September 8, 2006 Assignment 1 Material Miracles: The Transformation of the American Dream The perception of American society from other countries has changed drastically over the course of the past few decades; America has gone from the envy of the world to the object of resentment in many foreign societies. The intangible qualities that once seemed to separate America from every other country in the world are fading fast. The pride that Americans once felt is almost gone, replaced by indifference and apathy, or even shame. Instead of proudly displaying the stars and stripes, many tourists cover their backpacks with Canadian flags, hoping to dissociate themselves from America’s now unsavory image in Europe and elsewhere. What was once the land of freedom and the ultimate fantasy is now ridiculed by the very countries whose citizens emigrated to realize their dreams decades ago. This worldwide change in opinion correlates directly to the change that the American Dream has experienced during the same period of time. While it is not the sole reason for the sweeping changes in opinion towards America, the distortion of the American Dream certainly contributes toward it. The American Dream has been transformed from an idealistic promotion of free-market capitalism to a superficial encouragement of materialism and commercialism.
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These two advertisements, “The Miracles that Freedom Works” and “Where Miracles Never Cease,” are a testament to the magnitude in which the American Dream has changed. Both reflect society’s view of the American Dream at the time they were published; as the perception of the Dream has changed, so have the ads that portrayed it. The American Dream started out relatively simple; the promise that anyone who was willing to work hard could achieve a comfortable life for their family in America. The Dream eventually became a reality, and this optimistic concept has since degenerated into a fantasy of materialism and greed. Having a comfortable house, two cars, and food on
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Images of the American Dream essay - Mike Finfer Writing...

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