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Social Issues in America---- BRING 3x5 INDEX CARD!! Review Colvin highlights time—deliberate practice Chambliss focuses more on qualitative changes as opposed to quantitative (time) For essay, be specific. For example, painting 3 paragraphs—be concise, only one page long 60-65% of exam individuals first explanation for excellence in swimming—talent 6 MC questions—choose 5 to answer 5 short answer----choose 4 individuals first, society first, habitus Mills- sociology imagination. . connecting troubles to issues, social cultural and historical significance Lemert- look at the daily practices people engage in, social competence, how rules work, practical sociology (standing in line)- accumulation leading to sociological competence Practical sociologies add together to = social competence Individuals first, society first (structure or teach), habitus (recognize that we individually apply sociological patterns, but social habits are already acquired and are reproduced) ex: dating relationships change but there are similiarities -How do we explain patterns? Tilly- significance of how we answer questions, conventions stories codes and technical accounts, our answers depend on social situations and say a lot about the relationship between those who are conversing—the relationship they are contesting… Ex. Cop pulls someone over, only has to give office (code) to get his point across Driver contests the relationship, trying to change roles and give a story to get the cop to understand and show sympathy Charon- importance of looking at socialization within culture and how that influences behavior, nature vs. nurture and how sociologists look at different issues, group membership – shared perspective Chambliss- What leads to excellent performance, uses sociological imagination, sociological analysis of different aspects (tangible social elements that go in) be able to distinguish habitus, society first, individuals first explanations know conventions, stories, codes, technical accounts sociological competence- mastery of appropriate situations
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ex lady who opens up to a stranger- doesn’t show competence rules that govern behavior INDV 102 Test #2 Study Guide Alcohol Studies Primary Question: In what ways does American society socially construct alcohol problems? Note: This question is not to suggest that we "make up problems." Rather, how we as a society understand the nature of alcohol problems depends on social, cultural, and historical factors *Framing Frames: Shared perspectives that permit individuals to - Recognize situations in their lives as public issues, and Show that cooperative social action can change the political and cultural structures of power that produce these problems Following Questions and Topics * Drinking and Driving Americans have not always viewed the Killer Drunk as a criminal identity, as the primary cause of many auto accidents How did American society create the killer drunk? · Pre 1970s - Pervasiveness of Auto-Safety Frame
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Indv102studyguides - Social Issues in America BRING 3x5...

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