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PSIO 202 Exam 2 Notes

PSIO 202 Exam 2 Notes - PSIO 202 Exam 2 notes Lecture 12...

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PSIO 202- Exam 2 notes Lecture 12: 2/18/08 Swollen glands when sick- lymph nodes (lymphatic fluid filters) Lymph organs= Thymus, spleen, bone marrow, (tonsils, appendix, digestive tract- aggregate) Tissue subclavian (close-ended capillaries) – only flow one direction, fluid gets in, but walls press together when fluid tries to escape Correction**lymph nodes are found at irregular intervals along the lymph vessels Thoracic duct drains about 75% of the body Right lymphatic duct drains just the right side of head and neck and right arm Lymphatic tissue is like a meshwork grid that holds lymphocytes and phagocytes 2 Types of lymphocytes- B cells (bone marrow) and T cells (thymus) More afferent lymph vessels (into node) compared to efferent (leaving node) Structure: - Medulla found in the center of a lymph node (B cells, macrophages and plasma cells) - Inner cortex of lymph node- T cells, dendritic cells - Lymph node has capsule and subcapsular sinus - Thymus shrinks as you get older 2/20/08 Spleen - can rupture fairly easy (hit by pitch, football..) - white pulp, red pulp, capsule Tonsils - 3 sets (palatine, lingual, pharyngeal) - Adenoid (pharyngeal hypertrophy) – removed w/ palatine when getting tonsillectomy MALT- distinguish between regular lymphatic tissue - Specific T-cells for every virus - B cells produce antibodies (each population specific to only one type of bacteria) - Mucus membranes slow pathogens
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- Cilia move in one direction from lung to mouth to move particles out - Normal body temp actually ranges from 96-99.5 degrees (fluctuates throughout the day and between person to person, depends on metabolic activity) - Aspirin and Tylenol prevent pyrogens from raising body temp during a fever 2/25/08 Antigen Presenting Cells (APCS)- Macrophages, dendritic cells, B cells -
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