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Notes for Lecture 1-10

Notes for Lecture 1-10 - Lecture 1 What were effects of...

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Lecture 1 What were effects of building the great bunny fence 1. Why are channel island foxes endangered 2. Introduction of golden eagles from LA are killing off all the foxes How effective are traditional disciplines for understanding coupled human-natured systems? 3. Explain interactions of unanticipated consequences across multiple chains of events in the case for foxes 4. DDT caused golden eagles to come to channel islands, started killing of all the foxes, got rid of golden eagle and now foxes slowly coming back Lecture 2 What is exponential growth 1. When you multiply something by 2 rather than going in order of 1,2,3,4 it would be 1,2,4,8 How much difference does it make and why 2. The most important individual/proportionate factors What are major implications for current policies 3. What are the four take home points of lecture . Any number after 1.00 leads to doubling . Next doubling always twice as big as the one before ( ex. 2 becomes 4) . Exponential increases make (even) (increased supply) no real comfort Lecture 3 What is Ipat 1. Compromise, synthesize. Impact = Population Times, Affluence Times, Technology What is the most important mirage in US. important debates 2. Double Diversion - making people look one way while you go the other What are two components of double Diversion? . Privileged Access to Environment, can show either good things or bad depending on which one you want to show public . Diversion of Attention - distraction *see above # 2* *Disproportionally - Blaming the smaller people for negative effects on env. when it is mostly the larger companies Lecture 3 Part B
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