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ANTHROPOLOGY 493: THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF TIME COLBY COLLEGE SPRING SEMESTER 1998 INSTRUCTOR : Jeffrey Anderson OFFICE : Lovejoy 311 PHONE : 872-3684 E-MAIL : [email protected] CONFERENCE HOURS : --TR-- 2:15-3:15 COURSE DESCRIPTION : The meaning and development of anthropological perspectives, with special focus on the conceptual foundations, contradictions, and applications of various levels and shapes of "time." REQUIRED TEXTS (available in bookstore) : 1. Chronotypes: The Construction of Time . 1991. J. Beden & D. Wellberry, eds. Stanford: Stanford University Press. 2. Culture Through Time: Anthropological Approaches . 1991. E. Ohnuki-Tierney, ed. Stanford: Stanford University Press. 3. Fabian, J. 1983. Time and the Other: How Anthropology Makes Its Object . New York: Columbia University Press. STUDENT CONTRIBUTIONS: 1. Attendance and participation. (10%) 2. Lead two discussions of course readings. (10%) 3. Weekly reading critical responses. (40%) 4. Produce a critical essay on one major text in or influencing anthropology. (40%) SCHEDULE OF TOPICS AND READINGS: (* - indicates reading on reserve in the library) WEEK 1: 2/9. OVERVIEW OF THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF TIME *Munn, N. 1992. The cultural anthropology of time: a critical essay. Annual Review of Anthropology . 21:93-123. Bender, J. & Wellberry D. E. Introduction. In Chronotypes: The Construction of Time . Beden, J. & Wellerz, eds. (pp. 1-18). Stanford: Stanford University Press. Ohnuki-Tierney, E. 1990. Introduction: The Historicization of Anthropology. In Culture Through Time: Anthropological Approaches , E. Ohnuki-Tierney, ed. (pp. 154-192). Stanford: Stanford U Pr WEEK 2: 2/16. *Beidelman, T. 1963. Kaguru time reckoning: an aspect of the cosmology of an East African people. Southwest Journal of Anthropology. 19:9-20. *Evans-Pritchard. 1939. Nuer time reckoning. Africa . 12:189-216. *Pocock, D. 1967. The anthropology of time reckoning. In Myth and Cosmos , ed. J. Middleton, (pp. 303- 314). New York: Natural History Press. [--- Unable To Translate Graphic ---]
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WEEK 3: 2/23. THE SOCIAL STRUCTURAL DIMENSION OF TIME *Durkheim, E. 1915. The Elementary Forms of Religious Life. (pp. 22-30;488-496) *Giddens, A. 1987. Time and Social Organization. In Social Theory and Modern Sociology (pp.140-165) WEEK 4. 3/2 TIME, MODERNITY, AND INDUSTRIALIZATION *LeGoff, L. Merchant's Time and Church's Time in the Middle Ages," In Time Work and Culture in the Middle Ages. (pp. 29-42) Chicago. *Thompson, E. P. 1967. Time, Work Discipline, and Industrial Capitalism, Past and Present 38:56-97. *Zerubavel, E. 1977. The French Republican Calendar: A Case Study in the Sociology of Time. American Sociological Review. 42:868-877. WEEK 5: 3/9.
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