Highschool Drop Outs

Highschool Drop Outs - i think it's a shame that so many...

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i think it’s a shame that so many students are dropping out of high school. I was shocked when I herd how many kids didn’t want to go to college for no good reason but dropping out of high school shocked me even more. When I was in high school, graduated in 2004, there weren’t a huge number of students dropping out, but now there are way to many. I am proud of the boy Eli in this article for reconsidering what Sheila Hendly the graduation coach at his high school had to say to him about staying in school and graduating. What gets me about this is that these students ho think they can’t hadle school and drop out have gone to school for so many years and are like a year or 2 away from being done and then decide to dropout. I do think a few of the hardest parts about high school drop out are that the students think it would be best for them, they don’t really understand what it realy means to not have a high school, they think $19,000.00 sounds like a lot of money but don’t really know how much it realy costs to live, they also think its ok to be on welfare with food stamps and wick for babies because its free and they will take anything free, and last I think its hard for those who work in the high schools to convince them to stay in school and at least graduate. It realy surprised me that more students are dropping out of higher SES schools. I would of thought that there would be more drop outs from the lower end schools. I could never fathem in a million years to ever have dropped out of high school. But I think a large protion of that has come from my parents. They instilled in me that college was not an option. Also they were always willing to support me in any decision I made, but if I ever wanted to drop out that I would no longer beable to live at home and would have to support
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Highschool Drop Outs - i think it's a shame that so many...

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