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Grouping Students - school careers and the gap between...

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Well according to what I have seen it is not a good thing for students. I also have seen that it is very widely used by teacher because its easyer for them to teach the same ability of students. Here are some reasons from the article as to why it is harmful to students The criteria we use to group kids are based on subjective perceptions and fairly narrow views of intelligence. Tracking leads students to take on labels — both in their own minds as well as in the minds of their teachers — that are usually associated with the pace of learning (such as the "slow" or "fast" learners). Because of this, we end up confusing students' pace of learning with their capacity to learn. We associate students' placement with the type of learners they are and therefore create different expectations for different groups of students. Once students are grouped, they generally stay at that level for their
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Unformatted text preview: school careers, and the gap between achievement levels becomes exaggerated over time. The notion that students' achievement levels at any given time will predict their achievement in the future becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I have also read that some schools are trying to do away with grouping. There trying different things. Instead of grouping all the time they are doing things like if a student has trouble with math they will take them aside and help them out. I think tha grouping is good within reason. As being a person who went through this, I think that they need to group them a little bit better. I think that lower abiliy students should be with a little higher ability students, but not not high. At the same time I don’t think high ability students should be in class with low abiliy students....
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