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1) 2) I would rate Mrs. Smith’s instruction approach with Ashleigh as an A+, because she went on and beyond to make sure Ashleigh had the best environment she could have for getting back into school after here brain injury. Also she did what she could to have to class understand what has happened o her and have them help her out. 3) If I were a teacher who had to teach a student with TBI, I would first go back and read this paper, because it is such a great tool for what teachers should do. I would then research I as much as I could so I could figure out what it was all about. Then I would talk with the parents of the student to get a handle on how the child is doing at home, and figure out how they are vs. how they were before hand. Id then talk with either the doctors or physical therapist to see what they’re working on each month so I could work around that and not push that student to much. I would also be in content with her parents a least once a month to give them a report on how their child is doing and to see what’s
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