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EVP 7 Explain how classroom arrangement facilitates learning. It is important as a teacher to have full mobility in the classroom to move up and down the rows so you can talk while you move, see what is going on, and get to the problem students quicker. You must practice with your students on how to go from whole class instruction to small group work. Like how to get into the groups quietly, reduce chaos and how to get back into the whole class setting easier. Its recommended that when you are setting up you classroom that you sit in every seat to make sure that each student can clearly see the front of the room and TV when you have to watch a movie. Also so the students can stay on task. You also have to make sure that when they get into groups that they don’t have there back to the front of the room where the teacher is so they won’t talk about stuff that’s not on topic. You must do the best you can to eliminate visibility but yet make the room look more inviting for your students.
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Unformatted text preview: Understand the value of involving parents in the educational process. Parents are willing to come in and get involved in their students education. At the beginning of the school year parents are eager to get involved in there child’s classroom where they can sign up during conferences, and PTA meeting. After that the teacher gets in contact with the parent to see where they’d like to help in such as math, reading, spelling and so on. They get involved so they know what’s going on in there child’s classroom which lets them have hands on involvement in there child’s education. In the higher SES schools there seems to be more parent involvement then in the lower SES school and they tend to be more moms then dads. These moms tend to be the soccer mom type. But in the lower SES schools where there little or no parents involvement there also seems to be little parent involvement in the child home life as well....
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