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Speed+Velocity+Quiz - acceleration is[1 pt each circle the...

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Name _________________________________________ Date ___________ Lab Section M W F Answer each of the questions and turn this in to me by Monday January 28 th . If you cannot make it to class, then you must email it to me by the beginning of class. The answers will be posted at the conclusion of class. 1. Draw a motion diagram for the following cases [be sure to include your change in velocity arrows] [2 pts each]: A ball thrown straight upward The same ball falling back downward 2. At the very top of the balls path, the balls velocity is _________ and the
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Unformatted text preview: acceleration is ____________. [1 pt each; circle the answer below]: Velocity Acceleration Downward Downward Upward Upward There is none There is none 3. I am traveling from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, a distance of 300 miles. How fast do I have to drive [on average] to get there in exactly 6 hours? [Neglect stopping for gas, meals, etc] [2 pts] 4. A corvette can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph; or rather 0 to 26.82 m/s in only 5.2 seconds. What is its acceleration in m/s 2 ?...
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