geography test 3

geography test 3 - mesopotamia tirgris river euphrates...

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mesopotamia tirgris river euphrates river nile river saharaarabian peninsula caspian sea exotic stream oases tell sedentary farming alluvial fans aquifer cultural hearth judaism/jews islam/muslims semtic tuaregs berbers middle east domesticated plant muhammad quran (koran) cultural diffusion urbanization religious fundamentalism religious revivalism fertile crescent babylon the kaaba hydraulic civilixation theory arnold j. toynbee theory mecca sharia law medina hejira allah caliph omnipotent omniscient shi'ites monotheism polythiesm sunnis ramadan hajj damascus baghdad ali imam mullah persia farsi madrassas
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wahhabism shah melilla levant middle east maghrab ottoman empire constantinople mosul sunni triangle kurdish zone irbil kirkuk ayatollah basra aozou strip tripolotania cyrenaica tripoli benghazi atlas mountains orographic rainfall ceuta tunis casablanca cape bon peninsula bizerte algiers kabylia region oran ergs hamada wadis artesian wells/springs barchan dunes
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This note was uploaded on 05/04/2008 for the course GEOG 1102 taught by Professor Wheeler during the Spring '07 term at Highlands GA.

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geography test 3 - mesopotamia tirgris river euphrates...

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