geography test 2

geography test 2 - 4 types of Landforms 4 types of flat...

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4 types of Landforms 4 types of flat plains 5 forces of gradation (erosion) 2 types of tectonic forces 4 home islands of Japan 4 main manufaturing regions of japan major industrial cities in each region of japan 4 stages of the demegraphic transition model the charicteristics of each of the above geomorphology demography elevation local relief 70 - year rule tsunami continental drift tectonic plates alfred wegener san andreas fault epicenter pacific ring of fire subduction zone kashmir pangaea richter scale new madrid earthquake crust of earth lingua franca punjab alluvial soil monsoons assam deccan plateau thar dessert rajasthan delta vindhya range narmada river chota - nagpur plateau hooghlyside darjeeling ganges valley brahmaputra valley sri lanka ceylon indus valley dravidian aryan sanskrit harappa mohenjo - daro western ghates easter ghates
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buddhism bangladesh sind mogul empire jainism sikhism karachi baluchistan
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geography test 2 - 4 types of Landforms 4 types of flat...

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