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Padraic McQuillan April 10, 2008 Sound as F. Art Experimentalism Experimental music is alive and well. I would argue in fact that that experimenting in music- the act of creating and organizing sound with an unknown destination- is healthier than ever. The origins of this tradition go back as far as mankind; one could only imagine that the first musical endeavors of early man were rooted in experimenting and exploring the possibilities of the sound. Experimentalism can be found in all mediums of the arts today, especially in music, where it has in fact found a mainstay in the relative mainstream (while you don’t see much of it on top 40 radio, jamband supergroups such as Phish have proven that fans will come in flocks to experience the unplanned) In America, we have given birth to a rich tradition which revolves around experimenting, Jazz. Jazz music appeared in America in the early years of the 20 th century. Having deep roots in African American blues music, spontaneous embellishments and unique
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