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Padraic McQuillan February 12, 2008 Pierre Archambault Sound as F. Art Acousmatics Pierre Schaffer’s discussion of acousmatic listening truly sets the stage for the innovative music that would soon emerge around the world. The idea of listening to a sound as it is, without trying to identify source is somewhat commonplace in today’s world of musical synthesis. As someone who has recently begun to try and understand the art of sound synthesis, I find that the sort of listening that Schaffer puts forth is very much akin to the style of listening I find myself experiencing when I am exploring sounds, sometimes in search of something specific, but more often I am experimentally adjusting parameters listening to how parameters such as attack, release, depth, filter, rate etc. interact with
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Unformatted text preview: each other, the sonorous sound . I don’t know exactly what is creating these noises, how the electronic oscillators work to produce electrical signals which are converted to acoustic signals via the amplifier speaker combinations. When I apply to reverb, I do not know exactly what electrical mechanism is creating that reverb, however I listen to try and hear the sound which is created by this mechanism. Pythagoras aptly benefited from keeping himself hidden from his disciples. Not only did he feed off of the curiosity of the people seeking knowledge, he also somewhat gave himself a divine aura, asking that his listeners have faith in the person they are following, despite never actually seeing him....
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