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10/12/2006 13:37:00 Aamani Chava English 12 – Other Voices Bamboozled Spike Lee’s film Bamboozled brings about many controversial issues with its stereotypes and portrayal of black people in society. Usually, Lee celebrates “black power” and tries to stress harmony and equality within the community. But, with Bamboozled , Lee emphasizes black stereotypes; however, we must agree that this twist worked. Spike Lee created a frenzy with the critics and had the viewers questioning as to why he would make a movie that seems so demeaning to the race that he has spent years trying to help. Pierre Delacroix, Lee’s main character is a perfect representation of a man who wishes to encourage the acceptance of blacks in society as well as move up in his career. He comes up with the idea of Mantan, the black minstrel show with whole-hearted intentions to try to satisfy
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Unformatted text preview: his boss’ stereotypical view of black Americans. However his intentions are misinterpreted and the majority of the public falls in love with Mantan. Watching this film, I sincerely believed that Pierre was justified in his creation of such an offensive show because of his desire to satisfy Mr. Dunwitty, but get out of the demeaning job. However, like many people before him, after the show’s success, he let the fame and fortune take over. He refuses to let Manray leave the show simply because he enjoyed the success that the show brought him. The same people who would ignore his “hellos”, “good mornings”, and “how do you dos” would now greet him first with a “Mr.” and a smile. In this situation, Spike Lee conveys the message that many times the right thing is sacrificed for the sake of acceptance into society....
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