CH 105L Exp. 6 Post Lab

CH 105L Exp. 6 Post Lab - Skidmore College CH 105L Chemical...

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Name: Aamani Chava Date: October 23, 2007 CH 105L/Section # 002 Instructor: Prof. McCluan Directions : Type in answers below each question, using complete sentences. Use 1.5 spacing in your answers, do not capitalize the names of chemicals, and format subscripts correctly. Use third person, past tense, passive voice. (100 points total) 1. In this experiment, why is it important that each reaction involving copper proceeds to completion? In your answer, explain what this means in terms of percent yield. (10 points) It is important for the copper to proceed to completion because the objective of this experiment was to obtain a 100 percent yield. If the same amount of copper could be recovered as was started with, the percent yield would be 100% allowing for a successful as well as an ideal experiment. 2. How many milliliters of 6.0 M H 2 SO 4 are required to react with 0.80 g of CuO according to Reaction [4] on p. 45? Include calculations (these may be handwritten) and a verbal explanation in your answer. (15 points) 1.7 mL of is needed to react with 0.80g of CuO. This was obtained by calculating the molar mass of CuO, which is 79.55g/mol, and thereby converting the 0.80g of CuO to moles. By converting the CuO, the number of moles of H 2 SO 4 was calculated (0.010 mol). Then, the amount of liters of H 2 SO 4 were derived by setting up a conversion (see calc) 0.0017 L of H 2 SO 4 which then were converted to milliliters, 1.7mL of H 2 SO 4. 3.
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CH 105L Exp. 6 Post Lab - Skidmore College CH 105L Chemical...

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